■What's「 Neo Flex」


・『Neo Flex』 is a powerful magnet sheet having flexibility.

・It is flexible and it can be pasted on curved surface.



・It can be stamped using Thomson plate.

It can be cut by scissors or utility knife

■Example of use

■List of products

Part No. Size Thickness
H-03 120mm×120mm 0.35mm
H-06S 220mm×200mm 0.6mm
H-06W 440mm×200mm
H-10S 220mm×200mm 1.0mm
H-10W 440mm×200mm
H-20S 220mm×200mm 2.0mm
H-20W 440mm×200mm
H-30S 220mm×200mm 3.0mm
H-30W  440mm×200mm

★There are also products with double-sided tape attached.